Digging deeper using NetSuite CRM

Oracle NetSuite is the world’s largest cloud ERP provider. It supports more than 40,000 organizations and processes more than 500 million requests per day with more than 9 terabytes of data added every day.NetSuite CRM It operates in two countries, USA and Europe, from six geographically different data centers. Data centers function on the architecture of the spoken centre. Each area has its own data Centre that offers data reflection, recovery from disasters and failover. In case a data Centre goes offline, this is how you interact with the other data centers. Customer data between regions is not shared. A leading collocation company is in charge of all data Centre services. It offers protection against fire and earthquakes, heating, cooling and storage. The NetSuite app is multi-tenant. Additionally, all servers, storage, and hard drives are built in multiple layers of redundancy.

Oracle NetSuite protects you from data loss 100%

Suite app Multiple redundancy levels are implemented. This architecture makes it possible for one or more products to malfunction without any delay of operation, since many devices will take over the processing for the failed part immediately online.Via a patented business duplication mechanism, the data is repeated and replicated between the active data centers and the dedicated data center. Both functions are moved to emergency response data center in the case of a main data center outage. This failover is checked twice a year on the live website.The failover mechanism is automatic and can be initiated by pressing a button. In a emergency situation, NetSuite has operational engineers spread around the globe.

Continuous monitoring of all activity

To recognize malicious traffic attempting to reach the networks, NetSuite hires multiple intrusion detectors (IDS). Illegal trials of entry to the data center are blocked, logged and reviewed all unauthorized link attempts. Company-grade antivirus protection is now in operation to protect it from business software and programmers, such as Trojans, Spiders, viruses and other malware.As well as required background checks by staff at all NetSuite company stages, the duties are separate. The Minimum Authority Theory (POLA), which allows workers the requisite rights to meet their obligations, is backed up.

Availability 24/7 throughout the year

Oracle NetSuite promises all our customers an uptime of 99.5 per cent for NetSuite manufacturing applications. If NetSuite does not supply the applications with an uptime of 99.5%, a credit is eligible.We continuously average true uptime of 99.98% and offer a publicly accessible database to consumers to display the device status at all times.NetSuite also has a worldwide dedicated hosting team with decades of experience working with large business cloud and SaaS applications which require high performance and high availability. With industry-leading trends and warning mechanisms designed to detect and fix incidents, this team proactively tracks the wellbeing of the whole infrastructure before affecting the live platform.

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