Commercial or Free Hosting for a small blog

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Your presence online is your brand. It’s how people see you, their first impression of you or your business, and how they keep in touch with what’s happening in your life. Of course, many social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, but any data you put on those systems don’t belong to you. The platform owns them. Instead, having your blog is still the best way to ensure that you can have the look-and-feel you want, and the text you write will remain in your control. WordPress hosting is the easier way to have a website.

There are many ways to get your web website set up online, but the easiest way is to use an existing engine and hosting solution. There are various competing solutions like TypePad and Blogger, but WordPress is the most recommended option because it’s cheap, straightforward to edit, and comes with many plug-ins. You must decide whether you’re going to host your website or use WordPress hosting. It would be best to have a hosting provider by hosting your website, typically they offer. The most significant benefit is that you never have to pay for WordPress, but you need to know how to pick a web host. You can also to and use their hosting. In this case, it is free for a primary blog, but any time you wish an extra feature such as your domain name or the ability to add ads, then you need to pay for premium features.

Either way, you choose to go, everything else remains the same after the initial process. To look-and-feel your blog, you must log in to your administration panel and select a theme. WordPress comes with hundreds of themes, and you can even download or buy more themes. It’s possible to get precisely the type of theme you wish and even edit it yourself if you know CSS and HTML. Then, once you have the look-and-feel you want, you can configure a few settings such as your website’s title, which you can post to it, and how comments are handled. After that, you can start posting. Most people use WordPress for blogging, so by default, you post one article after the next, and they appear on your blog. Suppose you wish a more personalized website; however you can modify it by creating static pages, adding widgets to link to other services such as your Twitter feed or Google Maps, and much more. There are thousands of plug-ins available, and most key points can be made with WordPress.